Honey Shop Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 09h00 - 15h00
Saturdays : 10h00 - 15h00

Restaurant Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 09h00 - 16h00
Saturdays: 08h00 - 15h00

Note: The restaurant is currently closed due to Corono Virus.
We are currently serving coffee and drinks as take away. Food is not available.

Our products and price list

At Cape Honey Factory we have a range of products which we offer from, honey, bees wax, propolis and bee keeping equipment. Click on the link below to view our products and prices.

About Cape Honey Factory

Cape Honey Factory started more than 5 years ago when a need was realised for pure Cape Honey and related products.

Most people do not realise that there are about 22 different kinds of Honey from the Western Cape alone. Cape Honey Factory offers visitors a chance to taste some of these different types of honey.